To many Anarcho-Capitalists and libertarians alike, The Party of Principle has been anything but principled in the last few elections cycles.

There are some AnCaps that reject voting on the grounds of moral principle, and others that view voting as self defense, like Murray Rothbard.

Politics can be a means of spreading the message pure liberty. After all, many of us believe what we believe because of a country doctor turned Congressman that spoke boldly about liberty.

In so many ways, Dave Smith is Ron Paul’s spiritual successor, Now that Trump has successfully flipped the GOP constituents into right-populists, the ground could not be more fertile to take up Dr. Paul’s mantle and make something of it. In a twist of fate, the man for the job is a Comedian. This is not about winning elections, but setting people free from their intellectual prisons.

Join the Libertarian Party and make it matter.